Raising children to a world-class standard of education.


From ABC to TOEFL 100 points
A cram school where students’ English ability improves the most in the world


Someone has to do it. So we want to accomplish it ourselves.

Imagine the English proficiency of the Japanese people 20 years from now. Since the Japanese are known for their diligence, this nation’s reputation for English proficiency will be far higher than it is today. At that time, there will surely be a meritorious person who has solved this national conundrum and moved the society forward. If anyone is going to do it, we want to change this society with our own hands. Through creating a cram school where children can grow up to be good at English, we will contribute to raising the English proficiency of the Japanese people. The growth of each student who attends Catalyst will raise the English proficiency of Japan as a whole, and both the company and its employees will grow through the realization of this growth.

English proficiency is not required. We welcome those who want to improve their English now.

What we are looking for is not someone who can speak English. Rather, we believe that someone who has had a hard time with English and has a desire to do something about English education in Japan will be able to understand the feelings of students and play an active role. We have many bilingual people working as teachers and staff in our company. On the other hand, there are also many pure Japanese who have not touched English since they graduated from high school. After joining Catalyst, some of our members have seriously relearned English through our school’s methods. There are fields in which you can work in various fields such as marketing, relationship management, and engineering for system development. We are a diverse organization where you can do what you are good at and not do what you are not good at. This is a job that develops people, so people with a desire to grow are suited for this job. I would like to work with people who want to develop themselves through this great challenge.


We interviewed employees to find out how they feel about working at Catalyst.

Toward the realization of complete mastery learning. The Past and Future of Catalyst

Catalyst Remote Work Pioneer Talks History of Rewrites

Reason for changing jobs in a different industry/industry was because it was a company where I could grow as a person.

I wanted to solve the education gap, which is why I joined Catalyst as a new graduate.