English Language School Catal, now open in Bangkok

Nurturing children who can receive world-class education in Tokyo, Fukuoka, and Bangkok.


Bangkok school opened in Phrom Phong!


Cathal's method
The four English skills will develop in a well-balanced manner.

読む / 聞く

Read out loud while imitating the audio.
Listen to and comprehend English correctly,
and read long passages smoothly!

Learn how to write concise English sentences with corrections done by native English speaking teachers.

Lessons are 100% English.
Students grow to be able to think and communicate in English!

Three reasons why students can achieve their goals.


Bilingual teachers work with students to help them achieve their goals.

Our bilingual teachers are committed to your goals and provide cordial support. With teachers who have studied English for a long period and have now mastered English, students can feel understood and seen with their struggles and experiences. Teachers praise students for their efforts and growth, and guide them to continue learning with a high level of motivation.


1-on-1 lessons with a curriculum tailored to each student

From students who are new to English to high-level students enrolled in international schools, we use a curriculum suited to each child's level of English.
Because we provide 1-on-1 lessons, there is no falling behind.
Students will steadily improve their English language skills according to their learning speed with full support.


Repeated output based on high quality feedback

Of the four skills (reading, listening, writing, and speaking), writing is likely the most difficult to learn on your own.
In order to hone your writing skills, you must write→receive corrections→rewrite. This cycle is crucial.
Through Catal’s unique curriculum “Rewrites," teachers from top overseas universities such as Yale and Harvard will guide you.

A summary of the path to Eiken/University acceptance
Student Interviews!

English Proficiency Tests / University Success
Catal makes students' goals come true!

We asked Ms. Eri Yamamoto, a graduate of Catal, to tell us if her study at Catal will help her pass the university entrance exam.

Passed EIKEN Level 1 in 2 years from the 3rd grade level.
Study method to get more than 190 points in entrance exam of famous private universities such as Waseda-Keio

story of one's experience

Real voices of parents.